Advanced Industrial Hygiene


Traditionally, industrial hygienist sampling has primarily used calibrated sampling pumps and a sampling train. Advances in the field have added the option of using passive sampling badges for some chemical hazards. Discuss any personal experience you have using each type sampling method. If you do not have experience with the methods, discuss your opinions about the pros and cons of the methods based on your readings for this unit.

(Note: That means you will read the info in the text and in the Unit guide and form an informed opinion on choices of sampling train or passive sampling. Providing an example would help, check the literature and find a sampling badge to compare with the use of a sampling train, if you like. Reference the source of that info, if might be a manufacturer web page-SKC and 3M are examples of companies who sell passive dosimeters).

If you were performing sampling in a facility you are familiar with, which method(s) would you prefer to use, and why?

Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, "Tom's response to Susan's comment."


Throughout my career I have been around both types of devices. I have not actually tested or calibrated the pumps we utilized in the volunteer department, but have watched the operator/captain calibrate and use them during drills and training sessions, They also were the ones to operate then bulb pump during any hazmat response. In my most recent job in the oil and gas industry, I worked with crude pipelines where it was a requirement to have constant monitoring via the passive hydrogen sulfide (H2S) monitor attached within our breathing zone. As to which device I would choose to utilize would be determined on what factors are needing to be monitored. With certain occasions the bulb pump and or the train sampling methods would be required, whereas other times passive monitoring would be necessary. The train and/or pump sampling would give me a more immediate test result in real time compared to the passive monitor badges which may have to be sent out to a laboratory for results and acquire an accumulative set of data.

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