Advanced Ergonomics


Discuss how you can apply the concepts learned in this course to your current or future career. How might the lessons you have learned positively impact your career success?

Optional: In this unit lesson, we discuss ergonomic risk assessment. There are a variety of ergonomic risk assessment tools available for identifying musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) risk factors. These tools are intended to assist in the identification of high-risk jobs and in the identification of the risky components that can be ergonomically redesigned. For this unit's discussion, please share your experience with using ergonomic risk assessment tools in your current or previous employment. If you have not previously used ergonomic risk assessment tools, please share your thoughts on which tools you feel you are likely to use based on the information provided in the unit lesson.

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The concepts I learned in this course were not completely new to me as I studied similar topics for my undergraduate degree. In my previous job I was tasked with performing ergonomic assessments for 3 manufacturing plants. We used various tools to complete these risk assessments. One new tool we have been using in my current job is a video tool which you take a video of the employee performing a manual handling task and the video software can analyze the employees movements and assign a risk rating to the task. I like the tool as it is very visual. One great corrective action that came out of our risk assessment was the introduction of a soft-tissue clinic where we are bringing in a few chiropractors weekly to administer therapy to our employees. We have seen great improvement as far as injury avoidance. This is one of the last courses I needed to complete my degree and I have appreciated the opportunity to work together with everyone as we went through this course. I would like to wish everyone good luck!

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