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 This research term project aims to learn about the global corporation with ISO certification and their strategic planning and quality management systems that have occurred in the past 20 years or between 2000 - 2020 

 Topic :Quality Systems Management and ISO certification of  Bombardier Inc. Rail transport company. 

The contents of this are Type of ISO certification and specific details, how ISO aids this company in performance improvement, the results, benefits, pros and cons of having ISO certification, the costs (expenses) of having ISO certification, impact on overall business. How does the organization approach quality management?  What tools are used?  Are they progressive?  

From your research, how does the organization implement the six basic concepts of Quality Systems Management? a) leadership b) customer satisfaction c)employee involvement d) continuous process improvement e) supplier partnership f) performance measures   

 Your term paper should include, executive summary, table of contents, discussion of above topics, conclusions, citation, and appendix (if any), following the APA style 6th edition. The length of your writing should be 5-6 pages (double space) including related pictures/diagrams/graphs. 

Some additional information and details can be added into the Appendix section.  In your writing, students are encouraged to use tools and techniques learned from this class in your analysis and data presentation (e.g. SWOT, Pareto chart, cause-effect diagram, priority matrix, PDCA, DMAIC, why-why, affinity diagram,…)

 The final product will include written assignment and PowerPoint Presentation.  The written assignment should be presented in a professional manner; well written, edited and organized. The PowerPoint Presentation, needs to be 5 slides.


APA 6th edition with references and in text citations any plagiarism is considered zero.

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