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Your response should be no more than 3 pages using APA style (6th edition). Please ensure your name is on the essay.

Essay Prompt

The 21st Century offers diverse opportunities and challenges for an SLP within a global society. Choose one or two areas of interest from the following list and discuss how the field of Speech Language Pathology can be incorporated within your chosen area of interest; what you believe you can contribute, and what you need to learn as a graduate student to prepare for the evolution of the field. Areas of Interest:

  • Technology
  • Cultural diversity
    • Bilingualism — English language learners
    • African American English
  • Longevity and aging of America
  • Medical and educational supports to newborns and families
  • Expanding scope of practice in education
  • Augmentative communication
  • Academic success (written oral communication of literacy across the curriculum)
  • Medical advance
    • Higher and longer survival rates with disease and trauma
    • Cochlear implants
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