Adaptive Behavior Assessment System - Third Edition (ABAS-III)

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1. Please consult the PDF file "Term Paper Assignment" to find out which topic was assigned to you.

2. The paper must cover the following: 

  • An Overview
  • Psychometric Properties (i.e., reliability, validity, and population)
  • Theoretical Foundation/Framework
  • Format & Administration (i.e., Indexes/Composites, Subtests)
  • Scores Interpretations & Implication
  • Strengths & Weaknesses

3. The final draft must be typed in Times New Roman font, 12 pts., single spaced, page numbered, and a layout in adherence with APA style format. The cover and reference pages will not count toward the total minimum requirement of 3 pages for this project. 

4. Please Copy and Paste in the area "Write Submission" and attach your term paper in a doc or docx format. 

5. The term paper is due April 28th, 2020.  

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