Accidental Statesman General Petraeus Case Study



Research paper instruction.

Each student will write a five page research paper on their assigned topic within their designated group theme (case study). The individual research paper will be in APA 6th ed. Format (no abstract), 12 pt. Times New Roman font and include at least three additional references to the base document/article.

My Topic

Accidental Statesman Base 

Mission Command: Visualize

This is your small group for collaboration on your group project and peer review of your research paper, as well as working on collaborative PEs. View the The Accidental Statesman Base Document topic.(attached) To assist you in your research I have attached the advanced sheets for those lessons.

All document attached. 

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    Write a 2 page summary on the article and then write a an outline for a 4-5 page paper you are about to wirte. The paper should express how the General expressed to his subordinates how he …

  • A research paper in APA format 3 pages. Explain how mission command was or was not used in this case study. See attached documents