Abrahamic Traditions Final Essays

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NO REFRENCES, Explain as much as you can 

1) Discuss the relationship between Islam and the Arts.  

2) Compare the Protestant Reformation to reform movements in other religions such as Hinduism or Buddhism. Hint, there are similarities between the Bhakti Movement and Protestant Reformation.  

3) What was the Council of Nicaea? Please include the nature of the theological debates in that council? Discuss its significance to understanding some of the differences within Christianity and to understanding the history of Western Civilization as we know it 

4) List and explain 3 of the many Protestant denominations. Make sure to provide a distinguishing characteristic of each.  

5) What is Jihad? Make sure you include the two types. Also include a discussion on jihad as it pertains to social justice. 

6) Provide 3 sects of Judaism and list and explain at least 3 characteristics of each.  

7) What is Zionism? 

8) The Islamic religion is centered on five standards, named the Pillars of Islam. Name and EXPLAIN the 5 Pillars of Islam are 

9) What is Sufism and what is it's relationship to traditional Islam? 

10) Discuss the history and significance of the diaspora in Judaism 

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