A God/Goddess literary journey through Mythology


Length: 500-600 words total 

Pick one of these three characters Zeus (Roman Jupiter/Jove), Prometheus, Aphrodite (Venus), Hera (Juno). Then look for three mythological texts from  your sourcebook, Gods, Heroes, and Monsters in which your characterappears. 

You may include texts from the book assigned or not assigned for class. 

Write about your character’s representation in these texts. These are some 

guiding questions:

-how does your character behave similarly or differently or how is he/she represented across these three stories?

-why you think that is the case?for instance, does it have to do with the story

’s plot, the literary genre, period, or author’s goals?

-which was your favorite version of your character and why? 


Use at least one quotation from one of the texts (e.g., Zeus acts as a supreme rules when he says to the Hundred  -Handers: “Listen to me... etc.”, Hesiod, Theogony

, p. 44 in GHM).

EXTRA CREDIT: Use three quotations, one from each text you use (so long as they are relevant and well integrated into your essay).


Include correct references for the texts you are using within your essay.

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