900 words research essay


In the introduction paragraph, introduce the issues, conflict, stance (based on validity and Enthymeme (claim and reason).

This paper will be 900 words that presents the (hunger in Yemen), but you must give what you think will be a viable solution to reducing the impact of this issue. Most issues will be social. Search for the countries that where involved and what social economic group was affected the most? This paper will have a minimum 

of five (5) sources: two from the internet, two books, and one other type of printed sources. Please note 

that an on-line book is still a book and an on-line journal is still a journal. 


DO NOT use Google, Wiki, Shmoop, Wikipedia or any Wiki sites, encyclopedias of any kind, Spark Notes or any devices of like kind, eNotes, Bartleby.com, Prezi or any student essays posted on line. You may use Google Chrome, Google Scholar, Jstor and other academic publications, and books.

Look at the sample paper attached.

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