9 Page Architecture Paper


This paper should be 8 - 10 pages long NOT INCLUDING IMAGES (double-spaced, 12-point font, max of 1 1/2-inch margins on the sides and 1-inch margins top and bottom, paginated), and you should support your argument with correct Turabian-style footnotes and a bibliography of at least six sources. Please include at least six images of the architectural details. SOURCES MUST BE SCHOLARLY SOURCES PLEASE.

For this paper, the topic should be Concrete itself and how much the Pantheon in Rome uses concrete in accordance with the instructions of Vitruvius.

Please focus on the building, The Pantheon, builtin 27 BCE 

1) Please read the PDF titled "Paper Rubric" which explains the entire assignment. Please follow the steps as it says.

2) Read the PDF titled "Building Materials" which is what the paper will be about

3) Complete the Chandelier Diagram before starting the paper

4) Write the paper

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