8 ARCHEOLOGY QUESTIONS, respond in a few detailed sentenced to each


1) How do archaeologists use archaeological data collected at the regional data to infer the process of state formation in the past?

2) Describe how have archaeologists used site layout and burial data to interpret social identity, status, and power?

3) What archaeological evidence did the excavators of Copan find for the centralization of power and the emergence of social classes? Why, according to the excavators, didn't Copan develop into a true state?

4) What was the role of monumentality in solidifying political power in Ancient Egypt?

5) What is the role of state and federal governments in the protection and management of archaeological heritage in the US? What are their limits?

6) Should archaeologists and biological anthropologists excavate and analyze human burials? Under what circumstances?

7) How can incorporating the feedback of culturally affiliated or descendant communities into archaeological research designs result in better and more meaningful research projects?

8) Why is NAGPRA considered “human rights” legislations, rather than “cultural heritage” legislation?

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