This assignment is designed to provide an opportunity to demonstrate your     knowledge of the components of an ergonomic process. Specifically, you will be     reading a case study and compiling a paper that discusses the compatibility of     the components of the ergonomics process and the components of a safety     management system. 

Click here to access the case study.

You are required to develop a two-page written report that must include each    of the following elements:

  1. an overview of the case;
  2. identification and discussion of the elements/components of the participatory ergonomics program and the occupational safety and health management systems that were similar and different (you may need to refer    to           your unit lesson); and
  3. YOUR assessment of the compatibility of participatory ergonomics programs and occupational safety and health management systems.

Your completed project must include a minimum of two outside sources, one of    which must be from the CSU Online Library; a two-page written report; and both   a  title page and references page. 

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