8 - 10 Hours : Create Information Governance Policy For Fast Food Company

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Need Power Point Presentation with upto 18 - 20 slides with necessary information governance life cycle images/screenshots.

Create Information Governance policy for Fast Food company that have a 35,000 locations worldwide and 1,000,000 employees (Choose any fast food company of your choice for example: McDonalds, Burger King, Jack in the Box, etc.

Power Point Presentation Should include following topics:

 1. Acceptable use (Include WiFi, Hot-Spot and other related)

 2. Information security

 3. Data Retention (Include Information Life-cycle Management, How long the data/information needs to kept, archive, purge. Include any data retention template/image)

 4. Main focus for selected company.

Also include -

1. What kind of risk we see? For example: Employees/People bring their personal devices like I-Pads, Cell Phones, Laptops)

2. How to Mitigate these risks?

3. Include the roles in the organization like CEO, COO, Manager, Enterprise Architects, Data Governance, Data Architects and how these people helps. What their strategy is, what they think?

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