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  Part 1: Observation Assignment Instructions 1. Prepare for your observation • Download, print, and review the Developmental Observation Questions handout. (Located on assignment overview page) • Review the following resources per your selected developmental age group. 2. Observe and interact with either a child from birth to 12 years old, an adolescent between 13-17 years of age, or an adult 18+ years old. • You must pick a different age group than the group that the person you chose for your Advancing Development Paper belonged to. • Identify the participant’s name, age, what stood out to you most about the observation, and whether your individual is on track developmentally. 3. Write a bullet point outline that reports the individual’s physical,cognitive, social/emotional, and spiritual/moral development. • Provide 3-5 bullets for each area of development (physical, cognitive, social/emotional, and spiritual/moral). • A minimum of 12 bullet points. • Bullet points should include at least one key term, theory, or stage based on the readings and research for each area of development. • The key terms, theories, or stages should be in bold text. • Each bullet point needs to have a different key term, theory, or stage. 2 • A bullet point should include an example and/or quote illustrating the term/theorist/stage. • e.g. Refer to the Development Observation Guide as a guide to complete your observation. (Located on assignment overview page) 4. Complete and submit your Development Observation Guide and Development Observation Questions. 5. Include at least 2 credible sources Part 2: Observation Summary and Analysis 1. Review and implement any comments from your instructor for Part 1: Observation. 2. Describe the participant that you observed. • Share your participant’s first name (can be fictional name if participant wants to remain anonymous), age, physical attributes, and you initial impressions. 3. Analyze your observation findings for each area of development (physical, cognitive, social/emotional, and spiritual/moral). • Explain how your observations support the 3-5 bullets for each area of development that you identified in your Development Observation Guidefrom Part 1: Observation. • Explain whether or not your participant is developmentally on track for each area of development. 4. What stood out the most to you about th 

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