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In either a 6-8 page research report (excluding title and reference pages, Times New Roman 12 point font, double spaced, APA Format). You will dig into your own inner motivation.  For this project you will discuss and analyze what motivates you, and how your motivation has differed throughout your life and throughout different positions you have (or are) in (work, home, clubs, etc).  Your project should include a minimum of 4 topic areas from our course and a minimum of 2 outside peer reviewed/scholarly sources. What are some of the consistencies and inconsistencies in the research as well as your life?  Your project should conclude with you looking ahead.  How can knowing what you know now (after doing the research) impact the way you will do things in the future?  What can or will you do different so that you can achieve your goals?  What can you do to create the perfect scenario for success?  

4 topics to include: 

Motives and Emotions 

Motives and Needs

Goal setting

Individual differences

What motivates me:

Helping young ladies who struggle with depression, low self esteem, and other difficult obstacles. 


Please fit this into the paper if you can:

My “why” motivates me. Knowing that my purpose to inspire, uplift & edify women/ girls is so much being than me. I always say my story is the survival guide for someone else. During those times I feel inadequate or simply don’t feel like pushing I remember that there’s someone who needs my push. My story and my life is so much bigger than me. Someone must be the love & light.

My motivation never differed. However, there’s been times when I just wanted to give up pursing my purpose because I felt like “ I wasn’t good enough”. But as I grew to understand that my reason of being is more than my emotions I continue to persevere.

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