5s week 15 assignment PL


Discuss in 500 words or more a situation at work where you felt you had to consider the ethics of something you were being asked to do. 

Use at least three sources. Use the Research Databases available from the Danforth Library, not Google.   Include at least 3 quotes from your sources enclosing the copied words in quotation marks and cited in-line by reference to your reference list.  Example: "words you copied" (citation) These quotes should be one full sentence not altered or paraphrased. Cite your sources using APA format. Use the quotes in your paragraphs. Do Not Doublespace.

Copying without attribution or the use of spinbot or other word substitution software will result in a grade of 0. 

Write in essay format not in bulleted, numbered or other list format. 

Include References, Strictly do not copy-paste.

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