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The airline business has intense race because entry walls are relatively low due to market access liberalization resulting from globalization. 


In every project, communication means a lot. 

As a software engineer, one has to connect well with the whole squad since IT includes complex developments. 


One needs to have the ability to create and manage relationships with peers, coworkers, and others. Artful software engineers prioritize understanding their various members and stakeholders, know the type of communication style and channel that best suites, reach their audience, and keep them well informed.


Software engineer wants to think of themselves as less of engineer and more of a general manager for respectable results. 

The most important part that I have to work on as a software engineer is a challenge of confidence. 


This profession requires one to have the self-belief to lead the conversation around the industry. One requires business knowledge that is ideally gained through general management experience and formal business studies like MBA. Apart from this, a brilliant understanding of the organization's operational functions and market in the current environment is required.

Future goals

One of my biggest goals is boosting my organization skills since a software engineer has to be organized since there are many moving parts in a career that require organization. 


One has to save a multitude of responsibilities, issues, acting items, and milestones and still be able to ensure that resources remain answerable. As a software engineer, one is permitted to ensuring that everything runs efficiently by having all the particulars of the project laid out correctly, ensuring that the team can get the tasks done on time as promised. The result is that the clients will be happy with the services offered, which will give me a positive reputation. 

Secondly, learning is a process that never ends. 

I, therefore, plan to continue with my studies to attain a Doctor of Information Technology (DIT). 


This is especially important because of the complicated IT budgeting that is involved and the governance and processes. Also, Governance and IT/ enterprise architecture certifications are very significant, as are project management, budgeting, and leadership skills. The trail to becoming a CIO, which I am looking forward to, is a very stretched, difficult, and very competitive (Jones et al., 2020). The companies distinguish the talent as well as the commitment that is required for one to be able to achieve this position. 

Lastly, my 

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