500 Words Due 10 Jul 19



Pick a memorandums below and identify why you choose this particular memorandum as well as its impact on homeland/national security.

· Shane, S. (2009, January 22) Obama orders secret prisons and detention camps closed. The New York Times.

· Meyer, J. & Barnes, J.E. (2009, March 3) Memos gave Bush overriding powers. Los Angeles Times.

· Kamen, A. (2009, March 24) The end of the Global War on Terror. The Washington Post.

· The Washington Times (2009, March 27) Hezbollah uses Mexican drug routes into U.S. The Washington Times.

· Johnson, C. (2009, March 25) Obama’s approach to protecting “state secrets” at issue. The Washington Post.

· Miller, G. (2009, April 26) CIA reportedly declined to closely evaluate harsh interrogations. Los Angeles Times.

· McKinley, J. (2009, April 25) A killer at 16, and still in California’s Juvenile Justice System decades later. The New York Times.

At least 500 words APA format.  

Due tomorrow 10 Jul 19 by 4 p.m. Eastern time  

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