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1.   Consider the three kinds of attributes described in this chapter: search, experience, and credence. Which of these are most appropriate for services? What are the implications for marketing managers?

2.   Recall the last time you had an unsatisfactory encounter with a service provider. Given dimensions of service quality discussed in the chapter, exactly where were the negative gaps between expectations and the actual service?

3.   Pick two services, one consumer and one industrial. What can a company in each industry do to make its services more tangible to customers?

4.   Develop a blueprint for the course registration process at your school or university. Where are the likely service failure points? Where can the school improve its service levels?

5.   Suppose you have spent the first five years of your career working for Procter & Gamble as the assistant, associate, or brand manager for Crest toothpaste. You apply for a job as a senior marketing manager for United Airlines. What have you learned at P&G that is applicable to airline marketing? What do you need to learn about airline marketing to be effective beyond the fact that airlines are different from toothpaste?

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