5 Page Written Podcast Dialogue


New Research Article that you must use: https://research.cornell.edu/news-features/global-look-cancers-affecting-women

Directions for Podcast script: In an effort to disseminate new research going on at Cornell University, this written podcast aims to translate new research from Cornell into an easily digestible podcast. You must use the link for new research published by Cornell University researchers to prepare an in-depth podcast script.  The script should first explain what the research is and why it is important, then provide details of the research, who conducted it and how it was conducted. Next, the script should include more details on where this research sits in comparison to existing research and how this advances our current knowledge. Lastly, and most importantly, you must provide information on what this means for society. Be sure to provide a detailed context about the issue from academic sources. Be sure to provide a full list of references in APA format and use in-text citations to indicate where the information came from. The script should provide enough content for 15 - 20 minutes of air time which is a 5-page dialogue. Any technical jargon should be defined in plain language and should be comprehensible by a broad audience. 

What would a reader want to know more about? A good podcast will contribute something beyond what is possible with text. 

Podcast segments may include:

(but don’t have to)

  • Conversation
  • Debate
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Narrated clips
  • Field recordings
  • Music or poetry (when appropriate and with permission of the author)

Putting the case study into a wider context

example: “How are other cities dealing with this issue?”

Untangling complex problems and challenging assumptions

example: “Actually, it’s not that simple...”

Debating objectives and tradeoffs

example: “There’s a tension between A and B.”

Including voices that weren’t in the case text

example: “…she has lived there all her life.”

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