5 page Alternative Funding Sources for Public Health ProgramHIV/ AIDS PrEP


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Alternative Funding Sources

For this part of your Scholar-Practitioner Project you will evaluate funding sources for the public health initiative you selected which is PrEP (HIV prevention program. Then, you will submit a mock grant proposal for an appropriate grant to supplement or allow expansion of your selected public health initiative.

Follow guide from previous week and paper is included so review



Part 2: Financial Accounting Analysis

For this part of your Scholar-Practitioner Project you will develop a financial accounting analysis of the public health initiative you selected in week 2. In your analysis, be sure to incorporate return on investment, time-value of money, and inflation factors.

The financial accounting analysis should include:

  • A 5-year proposed budget including major line items (see blank form for proposed budget on NIH grants page located in the course syllabus or here: 
    Online Article: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2009, June). Public health service: PHS 398. Detailed Budget for Initial Budget Period Form Page 4  and Form Page 5
  • http://grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/phs398/phs398.html (Concentrate on the budget and completing the two form sections)
    Grant Application PHS 398. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service.
    • There is a $500,000 Direct Cost per year limit ( as noted in the PHS 398 Instructions page 22)
  • An analysis of budget line items, costs, sources of revenue, and deficits (This is the budget justification)
  • An analysis of the fiscal soundness and long-term viability of the public health initiative

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