419 Assignment


 Over the past seven weeks you have been exposed to the different
capabilities and interoperability of GEOINT from the history to where the
future of GEOINT is headed.

Question: Based on course readings and scholarly research, what are the
biggest challenges or limitations to the future of GEOINT in the next
decade? This reflection can cover a spectrum of possibilities from
capabilities, and skill sets, to an aging work force to how anyone with
Internet access can create their GEOINT product.

Sources: Students should use a minimum of 6 scholarly references for this
assignment, which should included some of your course readings. Unsure of
what scholarly means, check out the FAQs in the APUS Library to answer
questions just like this one.


1. Document Format.

a. MS Word document

b. One-inch (1") margins

c. Times New Roman font

d. Twelve (12) pitch

e. 5-7 double-spaced pages

2. Citation Format: Chicago. As stated in the Academic Integrity Briefings,
information taken directly from another source must be placed in quotations
and cited following the Turabian format contained in the week one "lessons"
folder. You must cite all other information from your sources (to include
images), even if you do not quote directly. DIRECT QUOTING SHOULD BE KEPT TO

3. As stated in the grading rubric, students must (1) employ imaginative
approaches to answer the question being asked; (2) display an impressive
command of the subject matter beyond the immediately obvious; (3)
demonstrate a high level of critical thinking, reflection of current and
world views, and genuine intellectual development; and (4) excel in
explaining all major points using multiple examples from the course readings
or individual research. 

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