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  1. Suppose one of      your classmates (let’s call him student A) is performing the experiment.      In his setting he lets the laser enter      the flat side of the Plexiglas semi-circle and draws the following      diagram on a whiteboard: 

Determine the angle of incidence and angle of refraction in student A’s whiteboard diagram?

  1. Calculate the      index of refraction, n, of the Plexiglas using the measurements made above      and Snell’s Law. Show your work on your notebook (take a snapshot and      paste it here). Also write your final answer at the end.
  2. Suppose the      incident angle in the problem is 17 degrees. Using the index of      refraction, you calculated above to find the refracted angle. On your      notebook show your work for finding the refracted angle and include a      picture.
  3. The index of      refraction of water is n=1.33. As shown in the below diagram, if a laser      beam is incident on the outside of a clear bucket of water 10 cm from      the bottom and hits the bottom 30 cm from the side of the bucket, what was      the angle of incidence (Hint: Using the triangle made in the diagram will      be useful)? Treat the bucket sides as flat surfaces. Work out this problem      on your notebook and include a picture of your solution here. In addition,      record your answer here.

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