4 short answer questions


1. Your friend asks you about the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, because her company is thinking about using it for both selection and team-building purposes. How would you respond to her when she asks you “is this a good idea?” Don’t just simply say yes or no – be sure to elaborate.

2. Your friend works at a company that has been getting sued a lot for discrimination in the hiring process - by individuals who didn't get hired. Using justice principles as a stripper starting point, what suggestions do you have for reducing lawsuits? Presume that the company is going to keep the same pre-employment tests in place but that they're open to some other changes. You should discuss 2 or 3 principles and actions that a company could take in this situation that might have a measurable and meaningful effect.

3. Why did Steve Jobs not like putting on/off switches on apple products? Is it a "rational" decision?

4. What type and when (in terms of a team's cycle) can conflict be OK, and even beneficial for a team?

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