4 Plagiarism multiple choice


Select A, B, C, or D 

and briefly explain your choice

(in one sentence or less)

Question 1 :  

You are guilty of plagiarism if you:

a)Make use of the works of others to gather information. 

b)Use the work of another and misrepresent it as your own.  

c)Make use of the works of others to support your own arguments.  

d)Examine the ideas and arguments of others to help you shape your own thoughts or views on a particular issue.

Question 2 :

Drawing information or content from the work of another without acknowledging the source through citation is considered to be plagiarism in all of the following cases except: 

a)Using the exact words of the author.  

b)Using data that the author has compiled through his/her independent investigation.  

c)Using information from the author's work that is regarded as common knowledge in the discipline.  

d)Reproducing in your paper a chart contained in the author's work.

Question 3 :


Which of the following is not an example of "padding" a bibliography? 

a)Including in your bibliography works that you consulted but to which you made no direct or indirect reference or use of in your research paper.  

b)Including in your bibliography sources that you did not consult but know would be relevant to the topic of your research paper.  

c)Listing the titles of complete works as separate entries in your bibliography when you actually used a single volume made up of excerpts from those works.  d)Including in your bibliography sources that you did not consult directly, but that were referred to in several of the books or articles that you did consult.

Question 4 : 


Paraphrasing too closely to the original text, even if you do credit the source, is still considered as plagiarism because: 

a)By changing a few words or the order of the original words, you have changed the author's exact words. 

b)By not providing the exact words of the author in their entirety, you are attributing to the author some words that he/she did not write.  

c)You must never use the words of others when you are using their ideas. 

d)You have failed to indicate, by means of direct quotation marks, which are the exact words of the original.


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