4 pg paper paper (APA style) due in 24 hours


In 4 typed, double-spaced pages, please respond to the following topic. Your paper will be due in the dropbox in D2L on Nov. 5 by 11am.

Most of the foreign powers cases we have read deal with the issue of war and how to treat our enemies. Drawing upon Hamdan and Ex Parte Milligan, what should the range of executive power be when prosecuting a war to try and convict enemy combatants, detainees, or citizens in rebellion against the country? Should the President have the power to conduct military trials independently of the Judicial Branch of government? You need to construct a well-reasoned argument that draws upon, but doesn’t have to agree with, the cases above. If you disagree with them, you need to say why. If you agree with them, you need to say why.

[Hint: you must quote and cite the cases if you are to be successful on this paper. Failure to do that is lazy and shows me that you haven’t done the reading.]

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