Part 1: List, in bullet point fashion, your top 3 Take-Aways (knowledge that you gained) from reading Chapter 9. See the assignment instructions for examples of appropriate Take-Aways. 

Things to know about 'take-away' statements:

• 'Take-Away's' are substantial statements that identify important and factual information about the chapters read.

• Statements should represent information that students find interesting or important to each segment in the episode and does not need to be verbatim (exactly as stated) from the video but can be a summary statement that reflects information. Think college-level thoughts


Example of a poor statement: GMOs are bad.

Why it is poor - not substantial and definitely not college level thinking.

Example of an appropriate statement: GMOs have not been tested thoroughly. GMO safety tests are sometimes as short as 90 days, which is not long enough to prove that a substance is safe for long term, multi-generational human consumption.

Why it is appropriate - brings up a couple of points and the statement itself reflects more substantial college-level structure and thinking.

Part 2: 


Below, provide complete and critical thoughts for each of the four questions about the chapters read. Be sure to remove the word ANSWER before completing and submission.

1. Summarize (in at least 1 FULL paragraph) your parting thoughts about the book 'Agricultural & Food Controversies: What Everyone Should Know'.

2. List 2 ethical theories that represent the authors (as a collective group of authors, not each author) purpose in writing this book. Discuss why you believe these theories to be appropriate for the authors. 

3. What do you see as the most controversial topic - or topics - in the Agriculture industry? Discuss your response thoroughly. 

4. What can you do locally, state, national or globally wide to have a positive impact on the issue - or issues - you list above?


Part 3: 

1.What are your thoughts about our book ‘Agricultural & Food Controversies – What Everyone Should Know’? Did you find the book to be relative? Do you recommend using this book in future semesters? Any other thoughts or feedback about the book? Is a book necessary at all in this course?

2. What are your thoughts about this class? Did you have any issues finding materials or accessing weekly assignments? Do you have any recommendations for improving the submit work for future semesters?

3. What are your thoughts about assignments for this class? Considering this was a fully online course, was the workload too heavy? To light? Just right? Do you have any suggestions for improving the modules/tasks/assignments for future semesters?

4. Any other thoughts you would like to share regarding how the professor can improve this course for future semesters? 

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