#3 Phase 1 Report two pages-Intext citations APA format



You are conducting a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) at a former industrial site. At the time of the reconnaissance, you have not yet completed the historical review or talked to the site manager. The site has one building, and the remainder of the site is grass and broken pavement. During the reconnaissance, you note the following:

  1. an above ground storage tank with no visible staining under it,
  2. a vent pipe coming from the ground with a large patch of dead grass surrounding it,
  3. a work area in the building that contains floor drains and is heavily stained,
  4. an electric transformer that appears to be intact with no staining near it, and
  5. five monitoring wells and three patched boreholes.

You must now write the site reconnaissance section of your Phase I ESA report. In at least two pages, discuss your findings. Which of the findings are areas of concern (AOCs)? Which would be considered recognized environmental conditions (RECs)? Be sure to justify your findings based on the E1527 definitions of an REC. 

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