3 pages Reflection Paper due 10/24


 The goal of this assignment is for you to demonstrate the information literacy skills that you’ve been working on throughout the semester.  

Provide a summary of The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users. Explain why it is a great of about media to read. Provide an argument between this book and another book (The influence Machine).

Follow below rules:

Author’s/producer’s education, training, experience, body of work, accomplishments, awards, etc.

Funding sources for the publication/author

Source of any non-original information (If the author uses information that’s not original to their own work,

where does that information come from? Is it a reliable source?)

Accuracy of information (Does the information match observations of the world?)

Clarity of piece

Original intended audience of the piece (E.g., academics? Everyone? Only a select few?)

Purpose of the piece (E.g., to provide information? To persuade? To mislead?)



  1.  1’’-1.25’’ margins 
  2.  12 point font, and font should be something normal like Times New Roman 
  3.  Double-spaced 
  4.  Include page numbers 
  5.  Include in-text citations for both direct and indirect quotes. In a parenthetical at the end of the sentence, include the author’s last name and the page number if available, e.g., (Brennan 1)
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