3 pages. Due in 8 hours. Researching factors like racial inequality that lead to juvenile delinquency


Non plagiarized.APA format. abstract page.  Follow all guidelines.  This research propose enacting juvenile effective intervention programs that could deter youth from juvenile delinquency. Race is an issue and black American youth are more of a target in the justice system. Could it be the communities, social economic issues, home life that affect the black Americans and make them a target for racial inequality. Utilize various databases in relation to criminology and resources of literature regarding the topic under investigation. The assignment that I submitted to my teacher have major grammatical  errors and weak sentence syntax. Please re-edit the assignment and add more info. Use the IP3 template in attachments to write the paper. Also re-read the attached assignment that says Racial Inequality to rewrite the paper. Also the picture in red writing is feedback from teacher of some of the things needed edited.

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