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The ideal police force is one that prevents crime, keeps order, respects the rights and dignity of citizens, is friendly and courteous, respects the laws, and does not abuse its power through corruption. Throughout the world, there have been increasing efforts to improve police practices through the implementation of democratic policing.

Part I

Answer the following:

  1. Assuming the statement above is correct, how do you think policing will change in the 21st century? Explain how it will change and why.
  2. What else would help police develop and deal with these changes?

Part II

Suggestions for responding to peer posts:

  • Compare the 21st-century changes that were indicated by your classmate to your own. What similarities or differences did you find?
  • Is there something that you did not think of?
  • What other skills will be important to being prepared for the changes that were indicated?
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