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Prisoner rights in America are based largely on the provisions of the Bill of Rights. In this assignment, research and explain the primary amendments that have had, and still carry, an impact on prison law.

Referencing at least 2 credible sources and using proper American Psychological Association (APA) format and guidelines, address the following points in a 3–4-page Word document:

  • Identify and explain the following amendments:
    • First Amendment
    • Fourth Amendment
    • Fifth Amendment
    • Eight Amendment
    • 14th Amendment
  • Explain why prisoners have diminished constitutional rights.
  • Explain the limitations of these amendments as applied by correctional facilities.
  • Discuss how case law related to the aforementioned amendments have significantly impacted prisoner rights and corrections.
    • For each amendment, provide at least 1 example of case law.
  • When pursuing a redress of grievances against the government, what are the 2 major avenues of relief utilized by prisoners
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