For this task, imagineyou were recently hired as the principal of Charger Middle School, a public institution receiving federal assistance.  Over the summer, a group of parents requested a meeting with you to discuss the Charger’s compliance with Title IX regarding the physical education curriculum. During the meeting, the parents asked the following questions:

  1. What physical education classes will be offered for boys and girls at Charger Middle School during the upcoming school year?
  2. Will physical education classes be taught in a single-sex or co-educational setting?
  3. How will boys and girls be evaluated within the physical education classes?
  4. Who will teach the physical education classes to boys and girls?
  5. What will occur if a girl wants to take wrestling as one of her physical education electives?
  6. What will occur if a girl wants to play on the boys’ basketball team rather than on the girls’ basketball team?
  7. During one of the elective periods, the only two choices for students are football or dance.  My daughter doesn’t want to enroll in either activity because one involves a boys’ contact sport and the other is technically not a sport.  Are there any other options for my daughter?
  8. Who should we contact if we believe our concerns are not being sufficiently addressed regarding Title IX compliance?

As the principal of Charger Middle School, describe how you would respond as a professional educator with knowledge of Title IX compliance.  You are expected to be the expert of Title IX compliance in this situation, referencing the law, and its’ applications in the physical education setting.  Be sure to cite scholarly sources within your responses where applicable. 

Length: ½ to 1-page response per question (total of 4-8 pages, not including title and reference pages)
References: Minimum of three scholarly resources

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