2750-3000 Words- Instructions: Write an argumentative paper on the topic of your choosing, which nonetheless must be related to the central topic of the course. Topic: The Problem of Racism


The Problem of Racism (in relation to the problem of evil which is the course topic)

Course overview: "As our world has ground to a halt under the sway of a global pandemic, an ancient question troubles us anew: where do evil and suffering come from ? Do deadly diseases, natural disasters, war, conquest, slavery and genocide come about by accident or by the arbitrary actions of a few malign individuals? Or do all these forms of evil, in the ancient sense of the term, have some sort of common root? And, of course, why does God allow suffering to exist? This course will begin by attending to particular atrocities in the modern world that demand these questions be continuously re-raised, such as the current Covid-19 pandemic, the Holocaust, and racial injustice."

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