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Terrill discusses the six forms of government as monarchy, aristocracy, oligarchy, theocracy, dictatorship, and democracy. We are very familiar with the American form of democracy, but usually pay little attention to the other forms of government.  For this discussion topic, please compare and contrast one of the other forms of government and compare it to the CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY format. It is not necessary or expected to compare two specific governments, but a generalization of the forms.  How do the two forms of government differ in reference to the basis or foundation of laws, the concept of punishment, the concept of expected societal behaviors, and the concept of government controls?  What are the good and bad points of each form of government?  You may wish to do some Internet research outside the text.


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    After reading the assignment for this week, select two countries and give an overview of each country's government. Include the background, current governmental structure and any …