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   I personally had no idea that the luffa sponges that I regularly use  were from a plant! This is so crazy to me; I think I thought it was more  of a man-made material than anything. You brought up some very good  points during this post and I would have been on the same wavelength as  you were with thinking that all-natural sponges came from the sea. That  is after I found out it was an actual sponge ha-ha! I can’t say that I  have ever used them for cleaning anything other than my body though, so  it was very interesting to learn that people do use them for other  purposes. It also only makes sense unfortunately for use being the  consumers that the rising demand for the luffa causes the price to  coincidently go up as well. 

 Have you personally ever used them for some of the other tasks that you mentioned? 

Great  post this week and thank you for this awesome new knowledge and respect  that I now have for something I only thought as a shower appliance!

Have a great week!


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