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Welcome back, Scientists! Chemistry is all around us. This week you will explore the impact of pH by conducting simulating lab and field tests. 

  • Start this week with the Unit 2 Learning Path in Intellipath (located in the Assignments List). Here you will be taught the fundamental aspects of chemistry that you will need to complete this week’s lab activity, the Unit 2 Individual Project:
    • pH
    • Acids/Bases
    • Acid Rain
  • Continue on to the Unit 2 Individual Project (instructions below): 
    • Click on the video below for a helpful overview of this week’s lab
    • Download the lab report sheet using the link below
    • Access the Unit 2 MUSE materials to begin the activity
  • Don’t forget to Read! You will learn more about the basics of chemistry: 
    • Types of Elements
    • Chemical Bonds
    • Chemical Reactions                   
  • Don’t be a stranger! Your instructor loves hearing from you. Let them know how you are doing this week and touch base with any questions you might have. You’re doing great!

Lab 2 - Measuring pH Levels 

You will be conducting simulated lab and field tests to determine pH levels of collected samples. Enter the Lab through the Unit 2 MUSE and proceed to the SCI103 Lab. The MUSE can be accessed by clicking on Learning Materials. Use all available resources in your lab environment, as well as the provided course materials and web resources to complete your lab report. 

Watch this Unit 2 Lab Assignment Overview video for a detailed overview of the assignment. Then you will need to access this week's Lab Report. There is an additional helpful video linked at the top of this worksheet. Please review it before beginning the lab.

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.

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