2 Assignments w/1 Feedback Paper


  · Assignment 1 part 1: DUE Wednesday 17 July by Noon CST

Discussion Topic

· For this discussion, post 2-3 paragraphs outlining what approach you plan to take to this unit's revision project, and why. Identify at least 3 specific strategies from our textbook that you will use to inform your revision. Finally, ask any questions about the revision project in your post.

· In order to ensure that you spend the appropriate amount of time and energy on this unit's Peer 

Review and revision project, no follow-up discussion is required in this unit. However, make sure to check back to see your instructor's feedback on your post and answers to your questions.

· Assignment 1 part 2: DUE Wednesday 17 July by Midnight CST

· Peer Review Process will be as follows:

· Step One: As early in the unit as possible, but definitely by Wednesday midnight CST, prepare your draft. This will require you to spend Monday-Wednesday revising or locating additional outside sources.

· Step Two: Attach your draft to your discussion post in .doc, .docx, or .pdf by Wednesday midnight. In the body of your post, give us a paragraph or so of context. Describe how you have revised last unit's essay so far and why. Additionally, tell us what kinds of feedback you are looking for (for example, feedback on your thesis, a particular argument you make, your introduction, the way that you have incorporated the new research material, etc.). This will help your peer reviewer provide meaningful feedback.

· Step Three: Identify another student whose essay has not yet been peer-reviewed. Read the essay and respond to the writer no later than Friday midnight CST, with answers to the following questions(adapted from Greene & Lidinsky):

1. What is the writer's thesis?

2. How does the writer establish the conversation--identify a gap in people's knowledge, attempt to modify an existing argument, or try to correct some misunderstanding?

3. How effectively does the writer distinguish between his or her ideas and the ideas he or she summarizes, paraphrases, or quotes?

4. To what extent are you persuaded by the writer's argument? Why?

5. To what extent does the writer anticipate possible counterarguments?

6. Can you follow the essay's organization easily? If so, point to transitions/transitional phrases that help? If not, suggest them.

7. What do you think is working best? Explain by pointing to specific passages in the writer's draft.

8. What do you recommend the writer work further on, and why?

Note: you will need at least 400 words to response appropriately and substantively

Assignment 2: DUE Saturday 20 July by Midnight CST

The purpose of this assignment is to begin revising one of the two essays that will appear in your Writing Portfolio, due next unit. This assignment should be a substantial revision of Essay #1, 2, 3, or 4.

To complete this assignment, select any of the 4 essays you have written so far in this course. Then, revise that essay, focusing on at at least one of the following higher-order concerns.

· Focus: Is your main claim, thesis, or central message clear? Does every element of your essay consistently support your thesis? Do your minor claims support your major claims? Have you defined the issue at hand? What can you do to further emphasize your focus?

· Development: What evidence does your essay provide to support your focus? Have you included examples, explanations, details, and descriptions that help persuade your readers of your position? Have you anticipated and answered your readers' objections or counterarguments? Have you considered alternate perspectives?

· Rhetorical Strategies: Have you identified a target audience for your essay? What do you do to appeal to that audience? Does your essay rely primarily on emotional appeals or logical appeals? What do you do in the essay to establish your credibility as a writer? 

· Additional Outside Sources: How could adding outside perspectives strengthen your argument? Have other writers, scholars, or researchers addressed the issue at hand? Are your claims backed by a consistent pattern of reliable evidence? Are basic factual claims backed with evidence or sources? How does your essay engage with counterarguments or alternate perspectives on the issue?

· Organization: How does the structure of your essay support its message? Could the essay be re-structured or re-ordered to better support your arguments? Are paragraphs and transitions used to guide readers through your ideas?

Important Before you turn in this assignment, create a bullet list of the changes and revisions you made. Include this list either as a second file or an additional page. Failure to submit this required information will result in a grade deduction for this assignment.

After you turn in this revision, your instructor will provide further guidance for revising this piece for your portfolio. Your instructor will probably also provide pointers for revisions for the second essay you will revise for the portfolio in Unit 7. 

Guidelines for Essay #5

Length/Due Date: approximately 1,200-1,600 words, due Saturday midnight Central Standard Time (CST).

Style/Format: This, as all essays in EN106, should be formatted in a standard scholarly format. (Most students follow MLA or APA guidelines, which are outlined in Easy Writer.) No matter what format you follow, be sure to do the following:

· Use 12 point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced.

· Use 1-inch margins top, bottom, and sides.

· Although no cover page is needed, you should include your name, my name, the course number/title, and date at the upper left-hand corner of the manuscript.

Research & Documentation: Your essay must include formal references to all sources. Be sure to provide in-text citations using a standard scholarly style, such as MLA or APA. And, of course, you must also provide appropriate documentation for any other sources you cite.

File format: Please submit your essay as a .doc or .docx file. These formats are available in most word processors, including Google Docs and Open Office, and will ensure that your instructor is able to comment on your work.

Works Cited/References: Your essay should include an appropriate bibliography, with an entry for each individual source you reference in the body of the essay.

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