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Explain what is meant by "job bidding and job posting. Explain the importance it has to you. 



According to Rue,L., Ibrahim, N. A., Byars, L.L. (2016); Job bidding and posting is an internal method of recruitment in which notices of available jobs are posted in central locations throughout the organization and employees are given a specific length of time to apply for available jobs. Job bidding and posting I feel is important, it not only provides opportunities for growth but it also rewards those deserving of promotions. A large organization doesn't always necessarily know what qualifications and or experience internal employees may have so job bidding/posting also gives them the opportunity to bring that awareness. In my current role as a recruiter I have had great experiences job bidding/posting in finding great internal talent. Much like outlined in the text we have specifications around who is eligible to post (apply), length of time we have it posted only internally before making it visible to external talent, and an interview process. Eligibility is a little bit flexible, it is outlined in the employee handbook that an employee must be in their role for at least 12 months but this can be waived by the employees reporting manager; I have found that this is very rewarding to internal employees because if they are working hard and are showing that they are deserving of a promotion, this will be waived and they will have the opportunity for consideration. The transition of an internal candidate moving to a new position is also much smoother and helps these employees hit the ground running when starting their new role. I have recently promoted 3 employees that have been in their current role for 8-10 months and it was well deserved. I also used this as a strong selling point to external candidates by providing examples of the opportunity of growth in such a short period of time and I have found that it is extremely attractive to many. We treat all applicants whether internal or external the same in terms of the interview process,  we ensure that communication is given as well as constructive feedback to those unsuccessful. Overall I feel that job bidding is a great method to use and helps the overall reputation of the organization. 

Rue, L. Ibrahim, N. A., Byars, L. L. (2016). Human Resource Management. New York: McGraw-Hill Education.

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