2.1 Discussion: Issues in Early Childhood Education



There are a lot of issues in ECE. The major project of this course is to choose a policy issue (state or national) and develop an advocacy plan. (We will talk more about that in the next module.) In this DB I want you to write two paragraphs. One paragraph will address an issue in ECE with which you are familiar, and why you know about that issue (you have read about it before, it is part of your position, other classes have addressed it...); include one resource about that issue (it may be one I have listed, it may be one you know about -- new information for me is ALWAYS welcome!). The second paragraph should be about an issue that is relatively new to you. In that paragraph, address what you think you should learn more about in terms of the issue. Again, provide a resource about this issue (one I have provided or one you have found yourself).

You have options for the reply posts -- is this new or old for you and if old -- what do you know/what can you contribute? If new, does it also intrigue you? Adding resources to the discussion is always valuable.

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