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Renewable energy comes from the wind, the oceans, or geothermal sources, not just from the Sun or from biofuels.  Pick one of these renewable energy sources and learn more about the current technology available to harness it.

present the following :  name the geographic restrictions for your type of energy (if any)

Present both a reason (or reasons) to support this technology and a difficulty or problem with this technology.

Could this technology be used where you live? 

Would it be better in a large scale situation, or could it be used in a small scale situation? 

Your original threads need to contain a minimum of 150 words - 

      To get full points, you need to respond to the post of at least two of your  fellow students.  Those responses should be at least 50 words in length. These responses must be completed by midnight Sunday Feb [email protected] 5pm

 10 points for the forum: 6 points for an original thread,  and 2 point each for the two responses.

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