(13 pages required) Design of a taxi meter (proteus ISIS)


(13 pages required) Design of a taxi meter (proteus ISIS)


13 pages - APA STYLE -
Coursework Requirements
1. Use a hierarchical design methodology to break the project into a set of smaller modules which you can
eventually join together to produce the complete system. You are expected to critically evaluate the
available components for your application and choose the best suitable one. For example, what is the best
power supply structure for your design and what is the best storage method for your design.
2. Assignment specification only provides the basic function for the taxi meter. Produce a "more practical"
specification for the project. You will design a prototype to be simulated on Proteus ISIS environment, so
bear in mind what is available to you.
You are encouraged to use other peripherals from the library to expend the function of the system. (e.g.
decoders, latches, inverters, external memory cells, filters, Temperature sensor etc.).
You are required to implement your design by writing program for the microcontroller with either the
Assembly language or other higher level languages.


The objective is to design a taxi meter and simulate it using the Proteus ISIS. In this assignment, students are required to • Design the typical data acquisition system. • Design the power supply to provide stable and specific voltage output. • Analyze a hardware design problem and produce suitable design solution using microcontroller and human/physical interfaces. • Write program using assembly language for the microcontroller.  ==============================================================

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