Q1 Required)


Is Augmented reality the future of supply chain? Imagine a warehouse where each picker chooses the most efficient route, picks the right item every time and scans it within seconds all through a heads-up display (like a Google glass). The technology is already used in some warehouses,

Discuss in 2 paragraphs, how necessary is this innovation in supply chain? &

Can the industry do without it and stay competitive at the same time? 

Watch this video to get an idea about vision picking


Q2 . (can be applied to any assignment of your choice-just make a note here on which assignment) 

Pick any Company (Walmart, DHL…) and in 2 paragraphs compare these Companies supply chains to the future supply chain link below

Supply Chain Automation and the Next Level of Supply Chain Robotics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzrKAhY-0gI


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