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Now it is time to share your final research product. Most of the time, before reading a full research paper, many people read the abstract which gives them an overview of the research. So your fellow students do not have to read your whole paper, you will simply share your abstract.

Initial Post Instructions
Write a one-paragraph abstract for your research project. Be brief, direct, and succinct. Do not forget to write for the audience of people who will read your abstract. The peers in class will actually constitute such an audience. Below is a list of key components that you should include in your abstract:

Topic – Summarize the topic in one sentence. What is the topic and why is it relevant?
Problem – Summarize the question you were trying to answer in one sentence.
Background – Summarize what has already been done in this field.
Method – Summarize the method or approach used to solve the problem.
Results – Summarize the research projects results.
Conclusions – Summarize the conclusions that can be drawn from these results. 

Secondary Post Instructions
Ask any questions that you may have about the research project. Also, ask for clarification if you are having a hard time understanding any component of the research. 

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