1000 words 10 hrs


For the second exam substitution research paper, there are five different topics offered; you will choose 1 topic for this paper.


•  The Evolution of Matte Painting in the Film Industry

•  Ray Harryhausen’s Contributions to Stop-Motion Film-Making

•  Metropolis: Filming Special Effects

•  The Special Effects in the Wizard of Oz

•  The Video Game Revolution:  The History of Gaming


•  At least 4 full pages of rewritten content: top of the page to bottom of the page

•  No images

•  Word Processed:  Saved in 2 file formats

•  Submit two files:  1docx file/1pdf file

•  Submit 1 docx file to BB dropbox;  submit 1 pdf file to BB Submissions

•  Naming conventions: jdoe20_f2020_paper2.docx;  jdoe_f2020_paper2.pdf. (Use your exact SCAD login/dropbox name)

•  12-pt Font

 •  Double-spaced

•  Spell-Checked

•. Grammar-Checked

•  At least 4 separate research sources must be used for this 1-topic substitution paper

•  All Sources Cited:  Create an exact list of every source on a final page

•  Completely Rewritten in your own words

Due Date:  10/18/20, before 12:00 Noon

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