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Use this reference also: Appelrouth, S., & Edles, L. D. (2010). Sociological Theory in the Contemporary Era: Text and Readings (2 ed.). Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publications.

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Foucault argued that today's society can be thought of as a disciplinary society because of the many technologies of surveillance that have become a normal and routine daily activity. Modern day examples include routine inspections in the workplace, rigorous training in procedures and protocols, and standardized work quotas. Briefly describe Foucault's disciplinary society and offer examples of his theory from your daily life. 

Foucault's theory of the disciplinary society is scarily accurate. These themes are often present in futuristic sci-fi movies but we do not often think of them as being present, at least not in insidious ways, in our own modern reality. However, they certainly are but we have become largely desensitized to them as they have been introduced slowly and we have been told they are for our own protection and that we have nothing to fear from them as long as we are not doing anything wrong. This has lead to a society that, for the most part, censures itself in one way or another out of fear of who may be watching. There is no doubt that the government as well as capitalist corporations have and continue you collect mass amounts of data about us. It has already been admitted that phones have been tapped and cookies are integrated into your phones and computers. This information is bought and sold and used to mostly used by companies to sell to us but it is also used to influences us through what information we are fed.

Certainly, those of you who are in the military are used to dealing with rigorous oversight, protocol, training procedures and inspections. However, we do not think of it as being as much a part of civilian daily life but it definitely is. I have worked for multiple corporations that engage in this same behavior on top of requiring a tremendous amount of emotional labor that is constantly being watched and judged. It is definitely very anxiety inducing to feel as though you are being watched and monitored all the time and not just at work but at home and during every day activities such as shopping and running errands. It is all beginning to remind me very much of the film Equilibrium. 

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