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The area that needs to be written about is for a womenswear apparel designer for Zara. The first half of the essay needs to have a description about Zara and its history, facts along with the main responsibilities of the role for womenswear apparel designer for Zara. Talk about the career path and the position. This is 5 pages. 

The second half of the essay needs to link and layout the relationship of womenswear apparel designer for Zara with other markets like primary, secondary and auxiliary in detail. List out various tasks that the role is required to do in relation to these markets. For example, WGSN (auxiliary market) helps the role of carry out trend research for their collection, manufactures (secondary) help to create the collection and the relationship is created by regular communication about the product quality, price, delivery etc. The essay needs to be 12 pt doubled spaced on word. MLA format and not plagiarised. 

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