This assignment tests your analytical ability, rather than your knowledge of MS Access relational database.  Databases are central to the management of information in business firms. Knowing something about how databases work will also help you better understand the nature of information and what it means to "manage" it.

Data modeling is a procedure for discovering the structure of the data involved in a business domain, and it’s an indispensable first step in designing useful and effective databases.  Your work on the data modeling assignment will be assessed based on the model’s completeness and goodness-of-fit to the business situation. 

Create a data model for a business situation that is posted to D2L as a mini-case.  Do this with a paper and pencil. 

Once you are certain of your data model, scan it in (or take a clear photo) and submit via Dropbox.  I should be able to read your model and understand the case even if I do not read the case itself.

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