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  • Field: English

    Legalizing weed in texas

  • Field: Computer Science

    1. Discuss how you can apply the learning outcomes of this course to your professional and personal life.
    2. Using 140 characters or less (the length of a Tweet), summarize the importance of this …

  • Field: Business & Finance - Financial markets

    Select a company (Amazon) and identify its mission, vision, and values.

    Address the following in 525 to 700 words:

    1. Evaluate whether the company's actions seem to align with their …

  • Field: Social Science
  • Field: English

    write 2 essays

    1.The movie How to Make an American Quit delves into several characters’ lives discuss them fully.

    2.How did you like the class? What did you learn? What insight have you gained?

  • Field: Psychology

    According to Creswell (2009), quantitative research is a "means for testing objective theories by examining the relationship among variables that can be measured and analyzed using statistical …

  • Field: Applied Sciences

    Beyond the information in your textbook, a good source of information is the United States Geological Survey, Mineral Information web page at

    For this Discussion Board assignment choose one …

  • Field: Social Science - Sociology


    Write a 9 page research paper

    Topic: The Effects of Domestic Violence with children

  • Field: English
  • md

    Field: Business & Finance - Marketing

    Choose one public organization, either from your course project, your workplace, or the literature. Analyze the culture and progress toward managed diversity in this organization. Describe the …

  • Field: Business & Finance - Marketing
  • Field: Business Finance - Operations Management

    Throughout your education, you have been asked to research topics and write papers, engage in thought-provoking discussions, consider diverse perspectives, and a host of other challenges that …

  • Field: Information Systems

    Rewrite a 6 page paper so it wont be plagiarized paper is attached

  • Field: Business Finance - Operations Management

    Currently, the paper has been started with 4 pages. Add 6 pages and edit the current paper according to the rubric.


    In this final …

  • Field: Business Finance - Economics

    (100% unique)Read 4 economist articles. Summarize and synthesize, in not more than three (3) pages(single spaced), the contents of the articles, and conclude with an opinion on how the information …

  • Field: Business Finance - Economics

    2 pages assignment

  • Field: Business & Finance

    Write a one page analysis of the positive aspects of why DevOps is a success in Comcast’s push to create more quality code and integrate it into their existing environment. State the top three …

  • Field: English

    Is Technology a blessing or a Curse?

    please follow the instructions attached below

  • Field: Business Finance - Management

    The student must reply to at least 2 other classmates’ threads. Each reply must be a minimum of 400 words. Each group must then collaborate to enhance each other’s work and to develop a group …

  • Field: Business & Finance - Financial markets


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