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  • Field: Psychology
  • Field: Business Finance - Management

    Option #1: Computing Intrinsic Value

    Step 1:
    Go to and enter CAT (Caterpillar). Do the following:

    • Pick up CAT’s opening stock price on January 4, 2015 (the first trading day in 2015). You …

  • Field: English - Article writing

    1. What readers might not agree with wilde’s Argument? What values do they hold? How might you try to persuade an audience who disagrees with her to consider her proposal?

    2. Putting aside your own …

  • Help

    Field: Business Finance - Management

    Option #1: Financial Analysis Made Easy

    DuPont Analysis (see below for a brief overview) is a quick and relatively easy way to assess the overall health of a firm in four simple ratios.

    DuPont …

  • Field: Literature

    : Using the short story "The yellow wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman write a 5-8 page literary research paper. Make an argument for the specific idea of gender and feminism. What …

  • Field: Nursing

    • Task: Submit to complete this assignment Due February 20 at 11:59 PM

      Course Project—Part 1

    Your assignment for this week entails working on an introduction for your project. The introduction should:

  • Field: Nursing

    How often do you engage with or witness death in your work? How has this experience or the lack of it shaped your view of death? Has it gotten easier or harder for you to accept the fact of …

  • Field: Human Resource Management
  • Field: Education

    Help with paper

  • Field: Computer Science


    Search "scholar.google.com" or your textbook. Discuss how organizations have faced the challenges that incident handlers are challenged with in identifying incidents when resources have …

  • Field: Literature
  • Field: Applied Sciences

    Each Written entries(WR) are one page or 250-300 words minimum

    1. things beautiful and things disturbing, an essay—more than a list

    use narrative form that develops your thoughts on each of the …

  • Field: English - Article writing

    five to seven pages

  • Field: Computer Science

    Traditional Research Methodology

    Choose one or more of the three recommended research methodologies and write a methodology paper on your selected topic


  • Field: English

    I am attaching all of the assignments in word documents files

    there are three:
    1. Argumentative essay $10

    2. Compare and Contrast instructions $10

    3. Persuasive Letter Instructions $10
    I need work …

  • Field: Computer Science

    you can watch below link for your reference


    check this link.

    Though it is all done in python, we can adopt it to R

  • Field: Applied Sciences

    For this presentation, select your favorite brand, and describe the reasons why this brand is so appealing to you. You should further explain the ideas represented on the slides by using the slide …

  • Field: Law

    1. Describe what documents need to be prepared and filed with the Ohio secretary of State to: …

  • Field: Psychology
  • Field: Psychology

    • A professional statement. Applicants must answer the following questions within 3-6 pages. Please use headings for each question.
    1. Without disclosing personal information, what are the reasons …

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