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  • Field: History - American history
    Due: in a day

    Describe the Truman Doctrine. What was its principal objective? Would you contend that it was consistent, or conflicted with, “making the world safe for democracy”? What did Presidents Clinton and …

  • Field: Business & Finance
    Due: in a day

    I have a finance assignment.

  • Field: Human Resource Management
    Due: in 4 days

    For your final paper, you're going to build on many of the foundational principles we've discussed over the course of the semester in 3 distinct phases.

    Phase 1:
    Your culminating activity will …

  • Field: History - American history
    Due: in 3 days

    Explain why the civil war happened, then explain why the north won the civil war, and finally explain why African-Americans were unable to achieve full citizenship rights by …

  • Field: Mathematics - Statistics
    Due: in a day

    i need to write about this book and write about 3 articles from the book. i want 7 pages. Done by the word please.

  • Field: English - Article writing
    Due: in 4 days


    Compare and contrast the theme of money in both Moliere's Tartuffe and Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House and how it influences their main characters' actions.

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